WoW 8.3 Havoc Demon Hunter BEST PVP & PVE Talents AZ Traits Explained

THIS GUIDE HAS BEEN UPDATED VIEW THE NEW VIDEO HERE: In This Weeks Video I'll be discussing patch 8.3's Havoc Demon Hunter's Top DPS Talents for PVE & PVP in [arena, bgs, keys and raiding]. This is TOP TIER DPS! I have simmed all the gear I saved and ran every combination in real time and these builds represent the best way to play this big guy! Always remember Being able to Generate fury on your COMMAND will always be TOP Priority over RNG building with demon blades any day of the week! * EDIT Felblade can be used when you have a problem closing your targets in PVP and still you will find yourself fury starved at certain points of a pvp match due to RNG procs from demon blades. PLEASE LIKE OR SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL FOR ALL MY LATEST VID'S!!! MY TWITCH LIVE STREAM: Social Media: LockOutzTTV ***SAVE HUGE ON Razer Gaming Gear When you click this link*** : **Tips/Donations/Support ME**: *Get HERE* Battle For Azeroth Try Twitch prime: Gift Twitch prime: ** Build A Gaming PC with these Links ** Ryzen Processors: ***My Wish list*** Cannon D5600 Rog Strix 2080 Super: Blizzard entertainment, Bfa wow class guides, Marcelianonline, Bfa, Ny’alotha raid, How to play havoc demon hunter, Havoc demon hunter mythic plus, Havoc demon hunter azerite traits, Havoc dh ny’alotha, Havoc dh 8.3 guide, Havoc dh guide, Havoc dh 8.3, 8.3 havoc demon hunter rotation, 8.3 havoc dh corrupted gear, Havoc dh corrupted gear, Havoc demon hunter 8.3 guide, Havoc demon hunter 8.3, 8.3 havoc dh guide, Havoc demon hunter, Havoc power, Blizzard entertainment, Bfa wow class guides, Marcelianonline, Bfa, Eternal palace raid,Vengeance dh 8.2 mythic plus,How to play vengeance dh,Vengeance demon hunter 8.2 talents,Vengeance dh guide , vengeance demon hunter,8.2 vengeance dh,Vengeance demon hunter 8.2 rotation,Vengeance dh mythic+,8.2 vengeance dh guide, vengeance dh guide,Why play vengeance demon hunter,Havoc,Keystone,Mythic+,Mythic,+25,Freehold,Demon hunter,Sjele