World of Warcraft Legion Assault on Highmountain Complete Guide (Defending Broken Isles)

As of 4/4/2017, Legion Assaults will now appear for 6 hour periods around the zones of the Broken Isles. This particular video covers the entirety of the Highmountain invasion. You can tell if a Legion Assault on Highmountain is taking place from the Broken Isles map, as a green portal will appear on the zone. If you zoom in on the Highmountain map, you will see that there are special world quests that will appear for the 6-hour duration of the Legion Assault. As you enter the zone, you will receive a quest known as "Assault on Highmountain," which will require you to complete 4 of these world quests. Once you have finished these world quests, report to Lasan Skyhorn, who can be found to the west of Thunder Totem in the Earthmother's Bounty. Turn in "Assault on Highmountain" and accept the quest "Holding Our Ground." You will then need to defeat 10 faction-tagged demons, who can be found to the south. You will also need to rescue 2 Injured Protectors, who can be found standing, running, or on the ground of the questing region. Other players' interactions with these NPCs will cause them to despawn. Finally, you must right-click 3 Energy Crystals, which are found in fixed locations marked by circles on your mini-map. Once all three objectives are complete, the quest will automatically move to a second stage, where you will need to head to the upper level of Thunder Totem. On the upper level of Thunder Totem, you will need to defeat 10 tagless demons and rally three Thunder Totem Natives by right-clicking them. After these objectives are done, head to the east out of Thunder Totem, up the hill until you reach the Snowblind Mesa. Shortly to the south, you will find an elite enemy named Incinerator Vythe that you must defeat. Once defeated, Lasan Skyhorn will descend slightly to the north. Speak with him to turn in "Holding Our Ground" and accept "Battle for Highmountain," which will require you to complete the scenario known as Turn of the Tides: Highmountain. You can queue for this scenario by speaking to Lasan Skyhorn. Once inside, you will be dropped off by War Eagles on the upper level of Thunder Totem, where you must fill your progress bar to 100% by defeating demons and right-clicking Rivermane Shamans. Once your progress bar is filled to 100%, head to the lower level of Thunder Totem and approach Mayla Highmountain, who can be found in the center of the room. You will then be attacked by 2 waves of enemies. After both waves are defeated, an enemy named Fel Champion Gargath will appear; defeat him. The next step involves escorting Mayla Highmountain to a rendezvous point with Lasan Skyhorn to the north. Stick close to her, as about half way through the trek, she will be attacked by an infernal. Once you reach the rendezvous site, War Eagles can be right-clicked; these eagles will take you to a Legion Command Ship above. On the Legion command ship, you will need to right-click 5 cages found on the upper and lower levels of the ship. This will immediately lead into a stage where you must plant 5 explosives at target locations on the ship. Both the cages' and explosive sites' locations will be marked by golden circles on the map. Once the explosives are placed, a green portal will appear in the center of the room on the lower level of the ship. Take this portal to reach the final boss, Fel Commander Erixtol. This enemy casts Rain of Fire and War Stomp on its location, so (if possible) leave some room between yourself and this demon. Defeat this enemy, who drops decent loot, then look to the south, where eagles will arrive. Right-click an eagle to end the scenario and to be teleported back the Earthmother's Bounty, west of Thunder Totem. A short cutscene will ensue showing the Legion ship being destroyed. Once you arrive, speak with Lasan Skyhorn and turn in "Battle for Highmountain" to complete this quest and to receive credit for the Defender of the Broken Isles achievement. Completion of this quest line will also earn you progress for the "Defending Broken Isles" Legionfall campaign quest. Recorded with the Windows Game Bar and edited with VideoPad.