Method VS Kil'jaeden WORLD FIRST Tomb of Sargeras Mythic

Kil'jaeden is an encounter in the new World of Warcraft Legion raid dungeon, Tomb of Sargeras. This is Method's World First Mythic difficulty kill video. Visit our website ► Follow us on Twitter ► Give us a like on Facebook ► Check out our Instagram ► ► Lorgok ► Nnogga ►Josh Priest ►Sco ► Yliajo ►Rogerbrown ►Fragnance ►Scripe ►Deepshades ►Kuriisu ►Voci Druid ►Justwait Intro & Edited by PlebCentral ► Thumbnail & Outro by Skog ► Special thanks to Music Provided by Epidemic Sounds It Has Awoken - Johnannes Bornlof Epic Trailer 03 - "" "" Keeper of Wildwood - Johan Johansson The Proving Grounds - "" "" Highlander Droid - Niklas Johansson Emerald Dream - "" ""