World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth All Cinematics in Chronological Order (Up to 8.2.5)

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In this video you can check every cinematic from WoW last expansion. Featuring every Horde and Alliance in this conflict that has affected the world forever. Key characters are Jaina, Saurfang, Anduin, Nathanos Blitghtcaller o Baine Bloodhoof himself. I hope you like it and can check the rest of compilations in my channel.

This includes 8.2.5 cinematics of the War Campaing Ending:
War Campaign Finale - For Azeroth
War Campaign Finale - Saurfang and Sylvanas Cinematic
Battle for Azeroth: Varok Saurfang’s Mak’gora
The Negotiation – Cinematic (Spoiler)
Cinematic: “Reckoning” (Spoiler)