The Story of Patch 6.2: "Fury of Hellfire" (Part 2 of 2) [Lore]

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Last week we talked about the events surrounding Hellfire Citadel, this week it's time to enter the raid and take care of what ever Gul'dan has summoned, created or recruited. We'll talk about the bosses, about the ending of the expansion and even speculate a little bit about what the future might bring.

I hope you'll enjoy!

A big thank you to the guild "From Ashes" - Silvermoon EU. They're currently recruiting for Ranged DPS, Resto Druid and/or Resto Shaman. You can find the guild website here:

Big thank you to Fatbosstv for allowing me to use their Archimonde footage. Link to the video and brilliant raid guides in general:

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