WoW WotLK: 3.3.5 Elemental Shaman PvP

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ DISCLAIMER: only BG footage, no high rated arenas, not much equal opponents. Just fun and big crits with some nice (i hope) montage. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ sub guys. i came out with a new video. now its a wotlk pvp video of me playing shaman in the very BIS gear in Short history: Since 2008 when i was just a student, i wanted to do a movie with my favorite song "Bye Die". And finally i managed to do it. I hope u will like it. Song list: Pain - Bye Die Rammstein - Zerstören RU: Ну не все же мне по Классике видео делать :) это мой старый пвп мув по , снимал на пиратке WoWCircle. Kivrus p.s. reuploaded new version of my old pvp video #wow #wowclassic #vanilla #вов