Warcraft Lore Facts - The Observers

They see everything!... YES!!! Transcript: #1: The observers are an intelligent race which, unlike most other demons, are native to the Great Dark Beyond instead of the Twisting Nether. They are a highly migratory species, making their summoning ritual very complicated and almost impossible to do without their willing assistance. #2: Adult observers feature two rows of teeth and seven eyes, which can also shoot magic beams. Young observers, on the other hand, only have two big teeth and a single eye, which can also shoot magic, though they tend to be far less aggressive than the adults. #3: The observers have a deep desire to witness all forms of magic and willingly offer their services in exchange for the opportunity to consume it. While some have joined the Legion, their race as a whole is not part of the Burning Crusade. Instead most observers willingly choose their masters, or decide to remain independent as they wish. Some of their number have even joined the Illidari and still remain on Outland despite Illidan's defeat. #4: An observer named Xeleth was once worshipped as a god by the creatures of Zangarmarsh, before retreating into a slumber when Draenor was destroyed. At one point he also fought and was wounded by the demon hunter Altruis the Sufferer. You should probably follow me on Twitter. @Teeironor