Six Gamers Play: Theramore Scenario (World of Warcraft)

Just before the release of Mists Of Pandaria. James, Ed and Chard tried out the pre-launch event, the Theramore Isle Scenario. This was players first taste of the new Scenario instances. As our three valiant horde heroes attack Theramore (a peaceful settlement -.-), James falls in love, a statue practises the dark arts and the three intentionally stand in the fire in an attempt to make the instance harder. Enjoy! Six Gamers is an independent gaming website formed by six friends, hence the name. We bring you gaming reviews of new and classic titles, blogs and let's plays. We are all passionate about video games, we freakin' love 'em and we want to share that love with you. We have so much fun playing and hope that you have fun watching! If you like helping out the little guy, please favourite and like the video and subscribe to our channel! If you have any negative or positive constructive criticism, we'd really like to hear it! Comment below. We want to make sure we produce great content and that you enjoy watching it. Website: Facebook: Email: thesixgamers@ Twitter: