Windwalker Monk PvP Montage (Crazy Damage!) - World of Warcraft BFA 8.3

#Worldofwarcraft #BFA #wowpvp Decided to gather up some arena clips and turn it into a decent montage for yall :) If you enjoyed it, hit that subscribe button and like this video for more! :) More Monk Gameplay Incoming Peeps :) Now lets get to the GIVEAWAY! So i will be doing a $50 Paypal giveaway when we reach 100 subscribers on this channel were at 48 now lets make it happen! How to ENTER: (keeping it simple and easy) 1) Hit that Subscribe Button! 2) Like and comment anything down below Make sure you comment because thats how i can record your name and save it for the draw when we hit 100subscribers! When its giveaway time i will be recording live and uploading on who the winner gets picked from random name picker app :) Good Luck everyone! Might even do two $50 giveaways depending on how fast we can hit it :) Music: 1) Far out - Worlds Apart: 2) Far out - Apex: 3) Unknown Brain X Rival - Control () : Socials: Twitter - @topstarjohn THANKS FOR WATCHING GUYS :)