Antoran High Command | Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne | EnhShaman [WoW Legion 7.3.2]

Bay's EnhShaman PoV of Mythic Antoran High Command. (9 Wipes) Antorus | World of Warcraft: Legion - Patch | 12/07/2017 [Subscribe to the Channel: ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media Links: ♥ Twitter: ♥ Twitch: ♥ Facebook: Merch & Patreon BTS Rewards: ♥ Buy My Stuff n'Things: ♥ Keep Me Creating: Channel/Discord Guide: ♥ Schedules n'Stuff: ========================================­======== Footage in this video is taken from Crisp's first victory over the Mythic Antoran High Command encounter in Antorus. ▪️ Crisp's WarcraftLogs for this boss: ▪️ Set to private during progression. Crisp's Website: ▪️ Bay's Thumbnail/Boss Art by: ▪️ Updated end card art by: ▪️ Download Bay's Legion UI: ▪️ Bay's Build for this Boss: ▪️ Leggos: EyeOTWN & Smoldering Heart ▪️ LS / AS / Tempest / Fury of Air / Earthen Spike Assortment of Weak Auras for Antorus: ▪️ | by Causese ========================================­======== If you enjoy the channel; Consider supporting Bay on Patreon: ♥ New Rewards & Unlocks! The Molten Store is open! Get a birthday card every year directly from Bay. Be the first to receive new apparel designs. Yearly customized Holiday/Christmas Cards too! ========================================­========