All Pantheon Cutscenes [Aggramar's Rise & Eonar's Plea] - WoW Legion 7.3.2

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7.3.5 Pantheon (Titan) Cutscenes from the upcoming Argus Questline including Aggramar's Rise and Eonar's Plea!

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Aggramar: What is your bidding master?
Sargeras: The circle nears completion. The mortals must not disrupt the rebirth.
Those who will not serve will be destroyed. It is the only way.
Become the instrument of my wrath once again, Aggramar. End this incursion of the Light.

Sargeras: The hour of rebirth draws near. Are the souls prepared?
Aggramar: Our kin still resists the true path, master. But they will soon be broken.
Sargeras: One still eludes us. Her essence is needed to ensure the victory of my crusade.
Aggramar: The Life-Binder will soon reveal herself. She will not escape me, master!
Sargeras: When my new Pantheon rises, none will stand against the Legion!

Eonar: I remember the awakening. How life sprang forth all around us.
I remember unity...until it was shattered by betrayal.
I remember keep him from his prize.
The time for hiding is over. Aid me...or everything ends.

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