Surprise Fury Warrior Destruction - Fury Warrior PvP - WoW BFA 8.3

Rolling into Eye of the Storm on the 8.3 Fury Warrior!! There goes another INCREDIBLE battleground on the 8.3 fury warrior! 8.3 fury warrior pvp is ridiculous with the right gear - 8.3 warrior pvp youll want to stack haste and versatility and then youll be a wrecking ball! 9-0 is not hard, but doing a ton of damage on the 8.3 warrior bfa is AWESOME. Fury warrior pvp 8.3 is super fun, and overall warrior pvp including of course bfa warrior pvp has always been a complete blast! Fury pvp 8.3 does tons of damage and its just ridiculous even without the right corruption. I got crap corruptions and I still wreck, thats AWESOME! Now if I could get some good fury warrior 8.3 gear like tentacle or devastation, that would be even more insane. Overall, wow fury warrior is super fun to play, and wow pvp 8.3 and wow warrior pvp 8.3 are one of my faves right now. If only I could get some better gear - please Blizz!! If you are interested in seeing more WoW Fury Warrior PvP videos, or just general WoW PvP videos, please hit that subscribe button and I'll see you in the next video! ----------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching! Please hit SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more! Feel free to COMMENT, LIKE, and SHARE if you liked the video! ----------------------------------------------- Join my Discord Server! Follow me! -----------------------------------------------