Learning to Roleplay in World of Warcraft

Roleplaying in World of Warcraft is something not everyone has done, but it can be quite fun! At least, when Lil Nixxiom isn't forcing you to, well... You'll see. Get ready for a RP adventure in WoW the likes of which you've never seen before. Made by, Nixxiom With Musical Help from, JaytheBard! ________________________________________­________ 👕 THE NIXXIOM MERCH STORE: 🤳 Follow me on Instagram: 📚 Follow me on Facebook: 🐤 Follow me on Twitter: ⚔️ JOIN OUR YOUTUBE COMMUNITY: 🍊 SUPPORT US ON PATREON: 🗺️ JOANA'S WORLD RECORD CLASSIC LEVELING GUIDE 😲 ________________________________________­________ VIDEO MADE WITH: 📷 Camera - 🔍 Camera Lens - 🎤 Microphone - 🎚️ Soundboard - 🎛️ Mixer - 🖥️ Sony Vegas - 💻 Adobe After Effects - 👽GET CHEAP AND EPIC GAMES ON GMG: ________________________________________­________ #WorldofWarcraft #WoWShadowlands #Warcraft