The Story of Legion, Catch up for going into Battle for Azeroth [Lore]

With Battle for Azeroth upon is in just a few weeks, a fair few of you asked if I could make a catch up video to get those that missed out on Legion familiar with the story and prepped for Battle for Azeroth. The story that began on Alternate Draenor and ended with a massive sword wounding the hope you'll enjoy! Want more details on all the things we talked about today? Check out this WoWhead article: =285979/the-story-of-legion-with-nobbel87 ================================================ Want More Lore?! My full playlist: The Story of Jaina Proudmoore: The Story of Genn Greymane: The Story of Queen Azshara: The Story of Sylvanas Windrunner: The Story of The Zandalari: The Story of Varok Saurfang: Story of The Ordering of Azeroth: Story of The Warcraft Universe: The Story of Moira Thaurissan: ================================================ Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Ask: Patreon: ================================================ Intro screen made by Pakulia: Outro screen made by Whammo: The music in this video is provided royalty free. (Creative Commons License) Songs:The Path of the Goblin King Music by: © 2001-2008 Kevin MacLeod World of Warcraft® and Blizzard Entertainment®