Rocking Enhancement shaman for this battleground with GARFUNKLE! Showing my build, traits, essences, and corruptions.. and trinkets. All which I'm using in PvE for Enhance. Some small edits to this build for the final PVP build... but we're getting close!! Big Damage inc! COMMENT BELOW - which class do you see as most OP right now? 💪MORE ENHANCE VIDEOS HERE = If you enjoy please SUBSCRIBE, and LIKE!! 🎬TWITCH FOLLOW ME 9PM EST = ❄️Icy Veins Elemental PvP Guide!: BFA VIDEOS: 🔥Azerite Essences Overview : 🦕8.2 Elemental PvP Guide! : ⚡ Ele Macro Video = 🔥UI + Addon VIDEO!= ⚡Twitch Clip #4: CHECK MY STUFF: 🔥Patreon: 🐤Twitter: 👻Instagram: 🛒Merch! : ✏️BLOG: 💎FB: 🎧TIQQLE TALK - Podcast #1: 🎧TIQQLE TALK - Podcast #2: 📧 Mailing info: Tiqqle 178 Columbus Avenue 237017 New York, NY 10023 🎁 Thank you all for your support and involvement! If you want to send me something and don't know what I put together a quick wishlist!: Music: #EnhanceDream #BFA #WorldofWarcraft