VOID Demon Hunter! - A 3rd NEW SPEC Coming Soon?!

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Void elf demon hunters or just a third void spec for the DHs, an actual reality soon?
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Demon hunters were the elite force built to fight Legion as they had absorbed fell. However since WoW:Legion and since the imprisonment of Sargeras they have been left without a purpose as demons and fel is no longer a big threat.

However now with all these recent hints about the void coming back, cosmic void, Shadow of Azeroth a potential expansion could we see the demon hunters turning into embracing the void and getting a third spec that is unrelated to them akin to shadow priests. Furthermore Blizzard is always removing race/class restrictions so in case that doesn't come to fruition there is nothing stopping Blizzard from adding void elf demon hunters in case a new ritual becomes a reality. So could we see a third spec coming for demon hunters aka the void demon hunters?

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