[FIRST LIGHT] - Heroic Archimonde - Boss Fight + WoW Machinima

=3/10/2016 UPDATE= Fall of the Defiler (AOTC) - The final encounter of HEROIC Hellfire Citadel (the current raid tier of World of Warcraft's Warlords of Draenor). This video was made to celebrate our guild's milestone accomplishment, as well as to pay tribute to our accolades throughout WoD! - Be sure to stay for the credits machinima at the end of the video! Thank you to everyone that has supported the video. We will be making more for the rest of our Mythic kills in Hellfire Citadel and into Legion! Please like, share, and subscribe to see more of us in the future. First Light (Moon Guard US) - Frost mage PoV Best viewed in Chrome @ 1080p60! Songs: “The Darkest Hour” by DANIEL LENZ “Fallen Angel” by DANIEL LENZ “Untouchable” by XTORTION AUDIO “Fatal” by CRITICAL MASS